Transit Case / Loadout Case®

Transit Case / Loadout Case®

Two tough options for transporting your gear.

The Transit™ Case and the Loadout™ Case are UK cases extra large hard protective transport case lines and come in exactly the same shape and sizes but are made from different resins.

Both are up to the toughest of jobs offering Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof protection for transporting your gear.

These tough injection molded protective carrying cases are designed with rigid reinforced walls to give maximum protection for even the most sensitive and expensive equipment during transport or storage. Optional extendable handle and 3 inch wheels make maneuvering easy with heavy loads. User configurable layered foam filling is also available. All cases include 3 metal spring loaded handles and stainless steel twist lock latches.

Standard Features

Ball Bearing Wheels
The wheels are custom-made from ultra-strong urethane. The wheel’s shaft is shock-mounted, so it absorbs the shock, not your gear. The hard protective transport cases will protect your stuff regardless of what terrain they travel over.
Removable Hinge Rod
Easily remove the lid from the body of the case by rotating the tab on the hinge rod. Its removal is only possible when the lid is opened, preventing theft of contents.
Pull-Out Handle
UK cases’ pull up handles are made of super-strong thermoplastic composite. A handle lock allows it to be securely locked into place extended or retracted.
Spring Action Handle
Spring action handles stay out of your way when not in use.
Twist Lock Latches
Stainless steel twist-lock latches stay closed while in transit and open easily with one action.

12 Sizes! Both the Loadout Case and Transit Case series come in all 12 sizes

The unique features of the Transit™ Case and the Loadout™ Case make it ideal for professionals in the dive, outdoor, photographic, industrial and utility, law enforcement, military, and medical industries.