NEC - Univerge Blue

Univerge Blue

Optimized for Smart Businesses

Enterprise-grade quality. Pay as you Grow. Upgrade Anytime.

Stay connected without having to purchase, manage and maintain your own network. UNIVERGE BLUE is a complete suite of customizable, reliable, secure cloud-based communications services.

Let UNIVERGE BLUE guide your business into the cloud. You reap the powerful business communications benefits without the hassles or upfront costs. With UNIVERGE BLUE, development and innovation never stop. As new technology is developed, it is easily deployed into your business communications service without disruption operations.

Unrivaled Support

24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Non-stop system monitoring and support, alert notifications, customer-focused issue resolution and follow-up are integral parts of UNIVERGE BLUE, making your communications network secure and dependable.

Business Grade Reliability

Maximum uptime, minimum disruption.

High reliability is mission critical for UNIVERGE BLUE. Software updates and maintenance are done in the cloud, keeping your operations up and running with no downtime.

UNIVERGE BLUE is the product of 100 years of experience, superior technology, and the expertise of a trusted global leader.

Unparalleled Infrastructure

Backed by decades of NEC engineering experience, UNIVERGE BLUE architecture stands out, providing resiliency – from the application layer to the platform and infrastructure layers – and delivering a complete end-to-end robust business cloud solution.

With 100+ years in business, 100+ years of sustained innovation, NEC is a trusted partner and advisor to businesses, governments and international organizations across the planet.

Robust data centers certified for the highest levels of security and performance provide the best communications technologies for your business.


NEC has a century of sustained investment in communications systems, building a network infrastructure with unparalleled levels of support and reliability.

There is no resting on past achievements or technologies for NEC. We continue to be a global leader in research and development for communications and computer integration, investing heavily in connecting the world. We take pride in our heritage of delivering the best quality, cost effective and dependable technology.

UNIVERGE BLUE is a part of OneNEC, a solid foundation of NEC Fault Tolerance servers, SDN, software, data centers and global cyber- security.


UNIVERGE BLUE provides enterprise-grade phone services no competitive business should be without. Communications in the cloud means anywhere, anytime access on any device. Mobile devices. Desktop and computer phone systems. Multiple locations. Remote workers.


UNIVERGE BLUE gives you a powerful selection of messaging features that stay up-to-date with changing technology. A single inbox for all messages and email, personalized greetings, instant messaging, chat and more – all accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device.


Remove location barriers. Across the room or across the country; know who’s available, check team calendars, stay connected with real-time status updates. UNIVERGE BLUE keeps you in touch.


Don’t be locked into an office. Stay connected regardless of your location. As new devices and new technologies are developed, they can be easily integrated into your service via the cloud with no downtime and no interruption to your operations.