Lone Worker

MOTOTRBO – Lone Worker

A lone worker alarm system provides an increase in worker safety and gives users a means of raising the alarm within an organisation allowing you to follow set health & safety policies while being fully reportable for insurance mitigation.

The alerts on the Motorola MotoTRBO Lone Worker feature are triggered by user inactivity. If the wearer doesn’t interact with the radio for a preset period of time, say 10 minutes, a pre-warning tone will go off, signaling that it’s time for him or her to reset the timer by using the radio in some way, by pressing a button or adjusting the volume. If the user still doesn’t interact with the radio, an emergency call will be initiated.

Teldio’s Centralized Lone Worker

Teldio’s Centralized Lone Worker (CLW) application allows companies to ensure the well being of their lone workers by periodically checking in. The solution provides employees with a safeguard against unforeseen accidents, and organizations with a means for quick response to these unfortunate situations.

By automatically sending ‘Alive Check’ messages at specific time intervals to confirm workers wellbeing, managers are reassured that their employees are safe. If a worker fails to respond to a request within the allocated response time, an emergency alarm is automatically raised on their behalf notifying emergency response personnel. Response personnel receive the CLW alarm directly on their MOTOTRBO™ radio or mobile device, thus ensuring rapid response.

Case Study

In 2013, ten forestry workers died in New Zealand, and the country’s first forestry-related manslaughter charges were laid. For Dennis Hayes Logging director, Jeremy Hayes, worker safety is paramount, as described in this case study

DH Logging Case Study